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National Association of Private Schools



                                                                     The National Association of Private Schools is an independent educational agency                                                                      founded for the purpose of recognizing educational excellence in the private non-                                                                             traditional educational environment. Schools that maintain traditional educational                                                                                    values and high educational standards will find a home here. Private schools due to size                                                                      philosophical commitment or educational methodology are often unwilling or unable to     

                                                                     apply for secular accreditation. Accreditation should reflect a school’s trustworthiness in

                                                                     the process of providing a quality educational program. In most cases, state accreditation

                                                                     measures a school based on size of facility, state-certified teachers, on-site schools,

                                                                     number of books in the library, and a certain number of students in the school. Because of

                                                                     this, private schools concerned about mastery of basic academic skills and character

                                                                     development especially, if based on Biblical principles, must seek accreditation from

                                                                     agencies not associated with the regional or state accreditation programs such as the

                                                                     National Association of Private Schools.

Schools accredited by the National Association of Private Schools have demonstrated a history of providing their students with a quality educational program. Schools accredited by NAPS seek to meet or exceed state and national traditional educational guidelines in their pre-school through high school educational programs.

The National Association of Private Schools offers accreditation to schools that are concerned about both the mastery of basic academic skills and the character development of each child in their school. The National Association of Private Schools is an independent, third party accreditation agency non-affiliated with any state, secular or regional accrediting agencies. Students who graduate from NAPS accredited schools, providing they have the proper academic credentials, testing and transcripts have entered: (1) colleges and universities, including community, regional, private and state colleges and technical schools, (2) military services, (3) church and educational ministries, (4) business ownership and the work place. The main advantage that state accreditation provides is the transfer of a student’s work from a state-accredited school to another state-accredited school.

Transfers to state accredited schools: If a student chooses to re-enter a state-accredited public school from a school accredited by the National Association of Private Schools, the receiving public school may choose to test the student to determine if he/she should be placed in the desired grade level or if certain credits may be transferred; whether the child is in grade school or high school. Although the vast majority of public schools are cooperative concerning transferring credits from private schools accredited by the National Association of Private Schools, they are not required by law to automatically accept credits from any school.


Canton Christian Academy is a 501c3 private Christian school formed for the community. Our school was started by a group of parents and friends who wanted to take responsibility for educating their children in a Christian



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